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​A new training has started on Dec 2022!

 A new Feldenkrais professional training course, Jerusalem 9 Opened on December 2022. The course will last over 4 years. In every year there are 40 days of study. ​ *You can join the training  during the whole first year ​ The course will be taught in Hebrew with an ongoing interpretation to English. 

To participate, leave a request in "Contact" or by email.



Eilat Almagor, Ph.D


A student of Moshe Feldenkrais and a senior trainer in the
Feldenkrais Method, graduated the Amherst training in 83'.

Eilat has a Ph.D in Neurobiology from the Hebrew University.


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Past conferences:

A Conference in the Hebrew University October 21 -23

We are excited to let you know about our conference about teaching Feldenkrais with Mathematics, which will be held in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by the Institute of Advanced studies in three week time.  The conference will include half days of practical experiences in Feldenkrais lessons as well as in Math lessons as we do them in schools.

And half days of lectures by experts and scientists in many different of perspectives of learning, integration of learning, evolution of learning, relationships between teachers and learners, ways of thinking, different conditions of learning. We expect a reach and interesting discussions among all participants. Please look at the conference site.


If you wish to join please write me

Math & Feldenkrais in schools

The project is guided by Eilat Almagor, Dorit Aharonov, professor of computer science at the Hebrew University, and Moishik Lerner, educator, teacher and former school principal.

Our method for learning mathematics with Feldenkrais has been accepted as an experimental project, by the Israeli Ministry of. Education. It is being applied in 4 different schools and in 11 classes.

A project by Dr. Eilat Almagor with Dorit Aharonov, professor of computer science at the Hebrew University, and Moishik Lerner, educator, teacher and former school principal.

Our project implements a method for learning mathematics that incorporates the principles of the Feldenkrais method. Based on three years' experience in courses at the Hebrew University and one year in two seventh-grade classes, we are convinced that this combination enables students to achieve a meaningful understanding of mathematics as an integral part of their overall experience as learners.


A month ago we started a crowdfunding project, to instill our method in the education system.

Click the following link:

enjoy the video and the explanations, support our project and spread the word! 

Take part in a much needed revolutionary method to endear mathematics to children.

The neurological effects of the Feldenkrais method - a study by Eilat Almagor et al.

The journal "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience" published a study by Julius Verrel, Eilat Almagor and researchers form the Max Planck institute and Descartes University, regarding the neurological effects of the Feldenkrais method.

Click here to read the paper.

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What is a Feldenkrais lesson?
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