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Feldenkrais Training - Neve Shalom 2019


We are pleased to announce the opening of our 8th Feldenkrais training. The training will start on March 10th 2019, and will take place in Neve-Shalom, Israel.


The directors, Eilat Almagor and Anat Krivine, will train the graduates to teach the Feldenkrais method skillfully and with joy.

Course Contents
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After the first two years of the training, the students will be certified to teach group lessons (ATM).

Upon completion of the training, the students will be certified to also give private lessons (FI).



The students will be granted diplomas accredited by Eilat Almagor - learning through movement, and the center for teaching the Feldenkrais method. The course and the diploma are acknowledged by the Euro Training Accreditation Board, which is coordinated with similar boards in the U.S and Australia, and who represent the International Feldenkrais Federation.


The course will span four years. Each year consists of four segments: 20 days in the summer, 12 days during the winter, and two 5-6 day segments in afternoons and Friday mornings. The course hours are usually 09:30 - 15:30, with a one-hour lunch break. In segments taught in the afternoon, the hours are 14:00-19:00. On Fridays the hours are 9:00-14:00.


The studies consist of:

  • Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATMs) - lessons in groups.

  • Functional Integration lessons - private lessons.

  • Observation of FI lessons.

  • Training in teaching ATM lessons

  • Training in giving FI lessons. Initially between the students, and toward the end of the training also on people outside the training.

  • Lectures and discussions on various topics related to the Feldenkrais method.

  • Videos of dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and other senior practitioners of the method.

Way of learning

The special way of learning in the Feldenkrais training is that both the theory and practical knowledge are acquired hand in hand with personal self-experience in movement lessons. ATM and FI. In ATMs, the students learn how to guide their movements by their own sensations and in their suitable pace. By experiencing hundreds of lessons, which are interwoven into one harmonious multi-dimensional process, the students deal with some difficult and even impossible movements for them at the moment, and they learn to create the conditions for learning which bring them to success and growing ability. In the individual FI lessons, the students experience learning by touch and gentle manipulations. The self-evolvement by movement and gaining higher awareness of themselves in this process, lead the students into higher empathy and recognition of the needs of other people. Based on this recognition they learn to give other people FI lessons through touch and ATM lessons to groups via verbal directions. This way of teaching which originates and based on self-experience assures a safe and high level of teaching for our graduates which will enable them to support their own student’s development.  

דרך הלימוד
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First Year:

2022 Dec 11-22               10 days Eilat & Anat
2023 Feb 12 –16              5 days   Eilat
2023 May 14-18               5 days   Eilat
2023 July 2 – 27               20 days  Eilat


Second Year :

2023 Dec 3-14                10 days Anat Krivine
2024 March 10-14           5 days Eilat
2024 June 30 – July 25   20 days Beatriz  & Eilat
2024 Sep 15-19               5 days Ilan Jacobson


Third Year:

2024 Dec 15-26              10 days Eilat
2025 March 2-6               5 Days  Eilat
2025 May 11-15               5 days   Ilan Jacobson
2025 June 29- July 24     20 days  Eilat


Fourth Year:

2025 Sep 14-18                5 days Eilat
2025 Dec 14-25               10 days  Anat Krivine
2026 Feb 8-12                   5 days  Eilat
2026 June 28-July 23      20 days Eilat & Anat

עלות ודרכי תשלום

פרטי תשלום:


התשלום לכל שנת לימוד הוא 12,750 ₪. 

ניתן לשלם בתשלום אחד בהנחה של 3%, או בעשרה תשלומים בתוספת של 3%, או בחמישה תשלומים מחיר מלא. 


כדי להירשם לקורס, יש לשלוח שק על סך 400 ₪ עבור אילת אלמגור לימוד בתנועה בע"מ לכתובת: 


 אילת אלמגור


 ת.ד. 4493


 ירושלים  9104401

דמי ההרשמה ינוכו מהתשלום לשנה הראשונה.


עם קבלת דמי הרישום, ישלח אליך שאלון למילוי פרטים אישיים ומקצועיים. בהמשך תקבע פגישת הכרות עם אילת אלמגור.


מי שיתקבל לקורס יחתום על דף הסכם עם אילת אלמגור לימוד בתנועה בע"מ, בו מובהרים כל פרטי ההתקשרות בין הקורס, המורים והתלמידים.


תלמיד שלא ירצה להמשיך לימודיו , יחוייב בתשלום לשנת הלימודים בה הוא נמצא, אך לא מעבר לכך.

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